The high tunnel is complete and planted with peppers, ground cherries, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini with melons to come

Brassicas are growing nicely though flea beetle is making an appearance

Tomatoes are planted in the coldframe with rows of carrots down the centre

Strawberries are flowering!

Garlic is looking great and potatoes, favas and peas are just starting to come up


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  1. Michelle Says:

    I have driven by in the past week and see so many changes since the last drive-by. I’m always tempted to drop in but that city gal in me fears I might be imposing. Not really the country way, is it? My hubs has mentioned that he’d love to visit your farm. I never did tell him that I dropped by… hmmmm. But I did mention we talked about doing you a logo. I haven’t forgotten and I have an idea for one floating about in my head… even pulled some graphics together for inspiration. I would have to throw my idea out to you and see if you like it and if so, would need a specific photo of you two and then hope I can pull it off since some photoshop skills will have to be acquired. Perhaps we can discuss this and Gary can get a tour.

    I’m really impressed with your progress. All your knowledge and hard work is reaping great rewards!

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