Goat Birth

Snowball, our birthing subject, who shows up so well in a dimly lit stall!

Early signs: she's dropped over the tail with a crooked tail, pawing to make a nest, stretching to help get babies into position in the birth canal

Feeling some contractions

The amniotic sac appears (look close)

Front feet of baby #2

Helping this very big boy enter the world!

Proud and tired mom with two big healthy babies

Two days later babies are up and around checking out the outdoors


2 Responses to “Goat Birth”

  1. edith schwartz Says:

    Wowzers! Thanks for sharing.

  2. jo willson Says:

    I’m glad to see you looking so well & happy on your very own farm. Have a successful season to you both. We had a work party at the farm this past weekend in the labyrinth rooting out blackberries & nettles. Susan made a nettle pesto for the pasta at lunch.

    Lots of love,

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