Rewards of Cheesemaking Night

Sample of our cheesemaking: waxed Gouda, Brie and Castle Blue

Delicious! The Blue was the best, then the Gouda and then the Brie which was quite firm and probably should have aged a bit longer


7 Responses to “Rewards of Cheesemaking Night”

  1. edith schwartz Says:

    Wow! Drool !

  2. Michelle Says:

    I’m so completely over-the-moon impressed with your cheese. I showed by hubs and his eyebrows went up and he says, “Tell ’em we’re coming over!”

    Need a logo? Business card design? Price list/brochure? Anything graphics-wise? I’ll trade ya for some cheese. (giving my biggest cheesiest smile). Barter is good! LOL!~

  3. EEEK Says:

    Oooooh. Awe! Lovely!

  4. EEEK Says:

    It’s been TWO YEARS !!!! already since you moved away from beautiful BC. Doesn’t that seem kinda “WOW!!” to you too?

    Anyway, Happy “Anniversary”, even if a week or so late.

    • wjpedersen Says:

      Yes, it seems like just yesterday that we arrived here, and it also seems like we’ve been here forever and BC is just a dream! We’re loving every minute of it and can’t imagine being anywhere better.

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