Spring Farm Pics

Our humble abode not surrounded by snow - note stunning forsythia in background

Tiny house with view

Planted beds weathering the storms

New wheelhoe (locally made) inside the coldframe

Strawberry plantings - okay not much to see but doesn't the plastic look great?

Garlic bed

One of this year's doe kids, Goddess

Broken-legged kid - yes, she needs a better name than that!

Happy poultry family

Freyja, next year's milker

Daffodils and tulips, just a distant memory for you West Coasters but in full flower here in the East


3 Responses to “Spring Farm Pics”

  1. edith schwartz Says:

    Your photos show much evidence of long hours of dedicated labour !
    You both continue to impress me !

    Don’t be so sure about the dafs and tulips being a distant memory here on the west coast. In Langley, the tulips are just finishing up.
    Loving the blog.
    Wishing you farm friendly weather and delicious bumper crops !
    edith in Langley, BC

  2. edith schwartz Says:

    Looking forward to the first farmers’ markets here soon !

  3. heather Says:

    Wonderful to see and hear of this year’s progress – you guys sure are impressive!

    Great timing to see the photo of the ‘wheel-hoe’ thingy – I just got one as part of an auction lot here in the cotswolds and had never seen such a thing. Maybe the weird contraption has a use after all… at some point will have to ask for lessons on how to use properly!?

    Good luck and good weather for a fabulous planting season

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