Our snifty doodle lean-to coldframe for starting seedlings

Medusa and her daughter - what shall we name her?

We firmly believe that if we start planting things, the snow will go away!

Little guy whose mother did not accept him, we call him Rej, short for "reject"

Goats finally able to get out and stretch their legs

Some of this season's babies

The Herd, out enjoying some sunshine


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  1. edith schwartz Says:

    I’m giving a shout from Langley, BC !
    I haven’t looked at your blog for a bit and was shocked to find it had snowed again ! I’ve been down south in the US for a couple of weeks.
    They’ve had such a lot of rain, flooding and mud slides etc. A friend was in Namibia, Africa ( the desert) for a couple of months and reported unusual amounts of rain and flooding there as well. Mother Nature seems to be having some wild hormonal swings.
    Love the photos ! Of the kids, the barn, the seedlings etc.
    Every time I see goats I think of you…and of course …can’t think of spring mix without seeing you at the W.Rock market with your tanned skin and beautiful tattoos. I wish you all good things and the best possible growing season for your plants and for the goats. When I think of farmers like you I feel encouraged. Monsanto be darned .
    (Maybe what you need to do is invite a bunch of politicians out to the farm to converse and waft their hot air hither and yon…..? On second thought ….it might sour the goats’ milk…better not : ^ )

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