Some new pictures

We are making good progress on the steel building and hope to mostly finish the construction in another week or two. The concrete footings and floor were poured on August 19. Then we drilled a bunch of holes in the concrete to attach the baseplates and bolted them on. Next was assembling the steel arches and putting up scaffolding which will be used to raise the arches. Hurricane Earl (now a tropical storm) passing by today caused a bit of a delay in the construction but we should make more progress once it passes on towards Newfoundland.

Finishing up the rebar tying for the concrete foundation

The big pour begins

Finishing the concrete with a power trowel

Four truckloads of concrete later, the finished slab (with Cory the helpful puppy)

First arch out of 19 which will comprise the walls and roof

Sunflowers at sunset

Garden harvest for lunch, yummy


One Response to “Some new pictures”

  1. EEEK Says:

    Nice! Glad the storm didn’t come after you got the building up and take the roof or something. Looks like Cory is sitting on wet concrete! That would make an interesting floor pattern Yea, I know …. just water. Thanks for the update. Looks great.

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