Rare footage of a pride of goats devouring recently killed tree


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  1. Lisa Says:

    Wow, how long did you have to hide in a blind to capture this? It must have been terrifying and yet magnificent to witness. Marlin Perkins would be proud of you.

  2. Eileen Says:

    Hey Alyson
    good to talk tonight. I just have to add my two bits. A pride of goats??? Apparently a group of goats is a herd or a tribe or even a trip …. but a pride?? I Guess it’s just called a pride when they’re being devouring feline-type predators? Who knew!

  3. CD Says:

    a recently dicarded christmas tree?

    it is a really good picture, I like it.

  4. rowenahopkins Says:

    Fabulous! Please start writing for my blog too:-)

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