We have a dog!

Yes, we’ve finally done it and gone out and got ourselves a dog. We applied to the SPCA to adopt a dog and, thanks to my creative form filling abilities and some good friends to lie – sorry, I mean “vouch” for us, we were approved to be pet owners! Will and I went out this morning to see the dogs. We shortlisted the happy, yappy crew to three possibilities, then took them out and engaged with them one-on-one. After that we took off for lunch and to run some other errands and to talk a bit more about the dogs we’d seen. Well, it was unanimous (especially after I agreed to be primary puppy care-giver) and we are now the proud people of a lovely 3 month old male lab/shephard cross! His name is Cory and he’s a smart, curious, lively pup who I think will make a great companion, at least once we get the chewing under control. We’ll probably get a good used metal dog crate to keep him in at night and while we’re out of the house, otherwise we’ll stay close to him and work at preventing furniture damage and practice some obediance commands. Now don’t you parents of young children feel just a small tingle of jealousy at the thought of locking your charge up for a few hours in an indestructible cage?


One Response to “We have a dog!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    What a cutie! Have fun!

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