Little car with super-duper snow tires


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  1. gary davis Says:

    Snow tires – an amazing invention. I have used the same tires for about 8 to 10 years. Mine are the studded variety and I do just as you describe. I put them on just before the first snow and take them off just after the last snow. There are times where I have had to put them on, in the snow and times where I had to put them back on after a continuance of winter that was unexpected! And then there was that one year that for some reason, I left them on well into the summer and I have a ticket to prove it! 🙂 (It is illegal to use studded tires in the summer). Oh, well!
    I’m still enjoying your stories and if we lived closer you just know that I would drop in for a visit! 🙂 Take care.

  2. Edith Schwartz Says:

    The little car that could !

  3. Laura Chisholm Says:

    I like your little car. You are so earth-friendly. Wait until you see the tank that we will be driving down from Ottawa in. It is almost as long as a minivan but shorter. It sure fits everything in though. It is a Ford Flex. Your Yaris would be a dream to parallel park!!

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