Sunday on the Farm

Cycling the back roads

 On Friday I went for a bike ride and explored one of the local back roads. It is a bit bumpy but lightly travelled so pleasant for cycling. Yes, and I was biking in a t-shirt, in November! Temperatures have been 10 C above normal for this time of year. The high was 14 C (58 or so F).

Plough resting in the barn

 Another picture of our new plough. When we first got it the mouldboards were all rusty and the soil would stick to the rust. After a few hours of use, they were all shiny and the soil was no longer sticking. I had read that there are about 200 person-hours of work contained in one gallon of diesel fuel. I don’t doubt it after seeing what we could accomplish with the tractor and plough compared to turning the soil by hand. Ploughing 1 acre took us about 2 hours.

A ploughed field

This is the result of all the ploughing work. We have lots of standing weeds and thick grass that is being cut and turned under. Hopfully it will decompose somewhat before spring when we’ll start preparing the ploughed fields for planting.


5 Responses to “Sunday on the Farm”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Great photos and great information; thank you for the updates!

  2. jo willson Says:

    I’m so glad to see you on your bike. All those lovely backroads to travel – pack a lunch and away you go for the whole day, if you can manage it. I googled coulter ploughs and now I’m getting quite an education about tractors and what they can do. Your ploughed field looks professionally done. It’s been raining for more than a week, we are all fed up with it. No birds, no bees, no flowers, no leaves, NOVEMBER!!

    Cheers JO

  3. gary davis Says:

    Yo and hello Will and Alyson! This may be your big adventure but I am there with you both all the way. And it is because of this blog. It is so nice that you take the time to let us all know what/how/etc. you are doing things etc.. Glad to hear that the soil is good stuff. I saw that (or thought I did) when Jeremy planted the garlic. As you go through this learning curve there are many of us that are learning about how to ‘start’ from the info you provide. Are you planning on having the farm as a certified organic farm and if so, how long will it take? Have you taken steps to achieve that certification? Keep on blogging and I will keep on tuning in! 🙂

  4. gary davis Says:

    PS: Now that you have high speed internet you might enjoy my exploits. I’m winging it as usual but they are honest. Google Gary compost nut davis. Some are there. Then David Suzuki’s Nature Challenge. Should you find it I am a volunteer – a weed if you will! lol Gary in Fort Langley
    Take care

  5. Edith Schwartz Says:

    The ploughed field. A thing of beauty !

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