More news from the farm


Using the tractor to move the house


Tiny house in its final resting place


Planting our first crop, garlic!

Jeremy arrived yesterday after his trans-Canadian trip in our Toyota Yaris. He seemed a little tired and dissheveled but otherwise quite invigorated by his big, successful trip. We let him rest up for a bit, fed him some locally crafted pizza and beer, and then today we put him to work! Along with my computer and few other bits of our goods and chattels, Jeremy also brought us a couple of pounds of Glen Valley garlic for eating and planting. Jeremy then dug us a garlic bed, unearthed some compost from a long-buried pile of horse manure and hay, and planted the garlic. It is quite exciting that we will have a crop coming up in the spring!

The goats were moved into another grazing area today. It was fenced only with electric wire so there was a bit of a leap of faith required in keeping the goats enclosed – the wire usually keeps them in as long as they are not too tempted by what is outside the wire, or as long as they are not spooked or started enough to make them run through the wire. Well, we discovered that one strand of wire is not enough to keep the goats inside, either that or the honeysuckle was just way too tempting for goats behind any fence, and we ended up adding another wire to keep them inside. They truly enjoyed eating the weeds of NB and we hope they have opportunity to eat more before the snow starts to accumulate.

We ate lobster this evening. Jeremy decided he needed to eat regional specialities on his trans-Canadian trip. Of course, I don’t need too much convincing to sit down to a feed of lobster! It was as wonderful as it always is and it was fun taking Jeremy through the steps of successfully dismembering and consuming a whole lobster.

We’re working on trying to get our house in order after unpacking all our stuff. It is a bit overwhelming and there’s so much to do outside as well, it’s easy to forget about the inside of the house until it’s the end of the day and, believe it or not, the mess is still there! We are also taking care of details like applying for NB medicare, insuring and registering vehicles and changing our drivers’ licences. Boring, eh? Oh well, we’ll have something exciting to talk about soon!


10 Responses to “More news from the farm”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Hey Jeremy
    Glad you made the big trip safe and sound too! They sure put you to work quick!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    I am SO enjoying following your new adventure on this blog. The photos are great. Thank you for sharing.

  3. jo willson Says:

    Great picture of Jeremy and the little patch of newly planted gvof garlic. From one end of the country to the other. Wow!
    I like that.


  4. Gary Davis Says:

    Hey, that soil looks pretty good! Glad you all made the trip safely. Jeremy you are just like the Mail Man except now we will have to call you the Garlic Man!

  5. Viv Says:

    That blue sky looks amazing. Meanwhile back in BC it’s cold, rainy and cloudy!

  6. Jon Chester Says:

    yeah! the little house looks great in it’s final locations. Glad everyone made it okay 🙂

  7. Shawna Says:

    I can’t believe I may finally get to see you after all these years! We try to head home every summer to visit the folks. I was hoping to go home for Christmas this year, but my parents are heading out this way instead. We rented a cottage in Cassie Cape when we were home this summer and it was great. Aaron loved it (not so sure all the hermit crabs were as enthusiastic about him as he was about them), so we’re hoping to do it again next year. Are your parents still in Dieppe? Mine are on the Dover Rd (rue Principale now) just past the big S curve. I bet they’d love it if you looked them up 388-1133. Do you remember my uncle Guy (he only 4 years older than us)? He has 5 Elms Farm just a bit down the road. You have no idea how excited I am that you’re home!!! xoxoxo, Shawna

  8. Maren Hartwell Says:

    Just did the whole trip now with you from the blog – wow! You make it seem so real – well I guess it is a diary. Pigrim’s Progress.
    Met Annie, one of the Market customers, in BuyLow today – she misses the market, and you of course, as everyon does, and was glad to have run into me as I mentioned Hazelmere as anothe source of organic food over the winter.
    Saw Susan on Wed.

  9. Eileen Says:

    Time for another update for your friends and fans!

  10. Edith Schwartz Says:

    Love it !
    Love the photos…the blue sky…wow….how can you tell this comment is coming from BC ?

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