Will arrives on farm!


Will pulls into the farm driveway

Will arrived on the farm just before noon today. I am so happy to see him and he is so happy to have arrived! The truck did really well, the house held together and Will survived the days of driving. I think he is feeling a great sense of accomplishment for having made the big trip and I’m so proud of him, too!

I had driven to Notre Dame, a nearby town, this morning to pick up some good organic fair trade coffee for Will, knowing he’d be dying for a good cup of coffee after 7 days of truck stop and Tim Horton’s coffee. Well, as I left the shop and headed out to the car, I saw this little house drive by – it was Will! I jumped into the car and took off after him and followed him all the way to the farm. He stopped at the side of the road to take a picture and wondered why this crazy woman stopped behind him instead of driving by. Of course this was me so we had our first reunion right on Route 115!

We managed to get the tiny house situated on a nice site on the farm though we had to use the tractor to pull it into place. We took the truck on a back route to avoid low hanging power lines but the ground was a bit slick and we ended up having to pull the truck out and then tiny home with the tractor. The good news was that the tractor started first time and everything got pulled into place without mishap.

Will is here and the farm is now complete!


7 Responses to “Will arrives on farm!”

  1. Myrna Wing Says:

    What a lovely big of good news for a Monday afternoon!! I have checked a couple of times today, and this time it paid off!! So happy to hear that the farm is now complete, and Will has the prospect of a great cup of coffee with his wife on the new farm! I guess now the work really begins – or does he get a couple of days off — I vote for the days off! What a long drive that was and towing the tiny house. Have a good time settling in Will.

    Love you guys

  2. Jo Blaak Says:

    Yeah Will!! You did it. Congrats. I’m glad you guys got the wee hoosie in place even though it sounded like you had a bit of a time getting it placed. Way to go Alyson with the coffee and the ice cream. What a wife!!!! I’m so glad you both are together again safe and well.
    Cheers for now.
    Jo B.

  3. jo willson Says:

    Alyson & Will: Finally you are reunited. I am sure Will is tired but happy to be home on your very own farm. Love every minute of your blog. We now have the pictures of Will leaving Glen Valley farm just at the crest of the hill and arriving at your farm gate in McKees Mills. Do you have a name for your
    farm yet?


  4. Eileen Says:

    Yea! And “only” 7 days! Impressive.
    And I vote for a day off too.
    Keep blogging!

  5. Viv Says:

    I am so happy!! The fiddlechicks are such motherhens!! We worried about our fellow clucker! vivichick

  6. Lisa Says:


  7. rowenahopkins Says:

    Hey, that’s wonderful! Though I had hopes that I might see the tiny home go by during one of my epic bus journeys:-)

    I’m heading to an urban farm in Detroit next – totally unplanned of course, it just sounded rather cool:-)

    Having fun in the US, but looking forward to being in the Maritimes soonish. Have been listening to some 1755 and missing the culture so much!

    Happy settling in,


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