Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Hi all you readers of the blog. I have been so enjoying reading the comments you’ve been sending. Thanks for reading our stuff, checking out our pics and following our progress!

Since I’m doing the “thank yous” I’ll also send out a great, huge thanks to my parents for all the help they’ve been giving me getting settled in at our new farm. I arrived to a sparkly clean house with a fridge full of food; they’ve taken me places, loaned me their vehicles, pounded nails, stretched fence, cooked me dinner every evening this week and even took me fishing! Wow, I feel truly privaleged and I think this all goes way above and beyond the call of parental duty. Mom and Dad are in for free veggies and goat milk for life at this point!

The goats are still doing well but are ready to get out of their fenced paddock and into a larger grazing area. It’s been tricky managing them because the boys and girls are sharing the same grazing space but I can’t keep them together (those boys, you know). So I lock the girls up mid afternoon and then let the boys out to get some exercise and eat some grass. This isn’t ideal but will have to do till we get some more construction done.

I built a feeder for the goats today. I’d tried feeding them grain in plastic bins but they are just so hard on things, especially fragile plastic things. So after they trashed one bin, I realized stronger structures were required. I built a small trough that should be strong enough to withstand goat abuse. I mounted it to the wall and then stood back to admire my work. Well, within seconds one goat had jumped up on it, another was chewing on the 2 x 4’s and a third was scratching herself on it (a full body scratch that is) and I realized that this feeder’s days were numbered. When you have goats in your life, it often feels like you are struggling to stay just one step ahead of the goats! I’ve made an alteration to the feeder to at least keep the goats from jumping on it, though the chewing and scratching continues. I’m actually quite proud of my efforts and will try and get a picture of it on this site.

We had very mild weather this morning (up to 17 degrees C) and when I got up this morning, the house was colder than outdoors. I opened up a couple of windows to try and warm the house up (!) and then enjoyed the warmth and sun the rest of the day, though it was very windy. Mom and Dad and I went smelt fishing in the afternoon but no fish were biting. I haven’t been fishing in ages and really enjoy it. We’ll have to go out again on another nice day.

Will should be arriving tomorrow afternoon, all things going well. Hopefully nothing else will fall off the truck before he gets here! I am very excited about seeing him again and I have to get some special Will food organized: good coffee, chocolate, maybe some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and definitely some meat! I have this huge list of things to do but I’ll wait for him to recover from the drive before presenting it!

I’ve been playing my fiddle for an hour or so a day and enjoying the acoustics of the house. The fiddle seems to really like the climate as well, it stays in tune really nicely and seems to be making a nice sound. I haven’t connected with the St-Antoine fiddle group yet (they meet Monday evenings) but will soon. There is a music store in St-Antoine but they didn’t have my brand of fiddle strings. They were more of a “rock and roll” music store, if you know what I mean!

Well I won’t overwhelm you all with news. Until next time!


One Response to “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”

  1. Myrna Wing Says:

    Hi Alyson & Will – Thanks for the news update. I looked at the website for McKees Mills a while ago, and thought it looked like a lovely and lively community – even with a website! Sounds like you are really settling in, and those goats are up to their usual goat tricks! Let’s face it, they can’t do card tricks, or knit a sweater — so they do what they do best — escape. I think it is just an attention getter! Believe me, I know attention getting when I see it!!

    Loved the picture of the quilt, and am glad of the kitty approval!

    Love you guys – have a “happy farmer” day.


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