The Goats Arrive!

We worked hard Wed. afternoon to finish up all the goat facilities, expecting the goats to arrive late that day or early the next. My Uncle Peter and Aunt Bert (Mom’s brother and sister-in-law) joined us; Peter finished pounding the last few staples in the fence, Bert helped Mom clean out water buckets and hook them up, Dad finished the milk stand and I attached horse feeders to the walls (for salt and minerals). What a team effort!

Afterwords we took a walk down to the river to enjoy the sight and sound of fast-moving water. The trail is downhill from the farm and a bit wet and slippery in places but we made it with no mishaps. It was another beautiful day: cold but clear and sunny and the forest is lovely. I’d seen four deer grazing in a neighbor’s field earlier that morning, another lovely sight.

That evening I gave Jimmy, our goat transporter, a call on his cell phone to see where he was and when he was expecting to arrive at the farm. I didn’t hear back from him till I arrived at my place later in the evening and learned that the goats should be arriving about 3:00 a.m.! Well, it turned out that Jimmy’s estimate was right on the money and at almost 3:00 a.m. exactly, the big truck and trailer pulled into the driveway. The goats seemed very happy to leave life on the road and settle down on solid earth again. They were pretty hungry and got right into the hay . I left them for the night at about 4:00 and then tried to get some sleep myself. It wasn’t easy because I was still worrying about them and whether they were really okay! Goats are creatures that do not show discomfort until they are at death’s door and my concern was that I’d get up in the morning and find they’d dropped dead overnight!

I think I get my worrying gene from my Mom. The next morning they were fine. I gave them more hay and water but what they really wanted was to go outside and check out the grass. They loved our overgrown weedy paddock and spent a good day wandering around, checking it all out and eating lots. I milked Nessie and Keehay that afternoon and they are still milking well. Thank you Jimmy for continuing to milk them on that big trip!

The boys don’t have a paddock of their own so I locked the girls up mid afternoon and then let the boys out to graze for a bit. We’ll have to keep doing this until Will arrives and helps me fix up the horse shed, the building that will eventually be the boys’ long term home.

Will phoned this morning and told me he was in Winnipeg. He sounds good and seems to be managing the long days of driving quite well. My hero!

Till next time…


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