progress at the farm

Wow, I guess Will does the nice pics and I write the big bits! I took some pictures on the farm this morning with Mom’s camera but left the camera at the farm. Maybe tomorrow I’ll figure out how to post a photo.

Today Mom and I finished the fencing. She stretched fence and I pounded in staples. We were visited by one of our new neighbors at this time; Delbert Hicks is one of the many Hicks who live in the area. Delbert is a retired farmer who still keeps some cattle and miniature horses. The horses are very cute, we drive past them regularly and one little stallion races us alongside the fence – too cute for words because he’s such a little fluffball and seems to take the racing so seriously!

I started building the milking stand yesterday and got the platform finished, danced on the surface to make sure it would support an obsequious goat, and then retired for the day. We finished the stanchions today and Dad is now hard at work crafting the platform for the feed bucket. Dad is determined to figure out complex angles and create the octagonal effect we had on our milk stand at Glen Valley. He seems to be enjoying himself so I’m leaving him to it!

I walked around our farm then followed the path through our neighbor’s properties this morning and was treated to the sight of four deer, grazing in the open field. As the wildlife count increases, my desire to fence in important spaces grows proportionally. Deer are beautiful but very hard on gardens!

Will is on the road and I’m thinking about him a lot. He’s a very good driver and sensible enough not to drive when he’s tired, so I don’t worry about him at all – really!

This is all for now and tomorrow I’ll try and post some farm pics. Stay tuned….


One Response to “progress at the farm”

  1. Laura Chisholm Says:

    OOh, can’t wait for the boys to get a farm-education. I took them to the Experimental Farm here in Ottawa on Sunday and as we left the cow barn, I look down at Lew to see how he enjoyed it and he was holding his nose! I teased him and said, “So how did you like that, farmboy?” he was not impressed with the aromas. I reminded him how his Auntie Alyson had a farm and he still seemed psyched to spend time at your farm! I understand you are receiving your goats tonight. It will be a long night for you. Good luck!

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