Heading East

On the Road Again

On the Road Again

After so many months and so much planning, I drove away with the tiny house and most of our possessions in tow. Left just around lunchtime with everyone on the farm hugging me and saying goodbye. I’ve got my Ipod loaded with songs and we’ll see how far I get today. — Will


3 Responses to “Heading East”

  1. Laurie Says:


    Hugs in space, have a great safe trip! Shall follow you on route.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hooray!! You are on your way!! Have a great trip and I’ll look forward to updates as you travel along.

  3. Laura Chisholm Says:

    HI Will. Good luck to you driving on flat long stretches of road. I hope that the roads are at least a bit windy because highway hypnosis is not pleasant (I can say that firsthand). Lew, Finn, Derek and I love your new homestead. Imagine how it must look this time of year!!! HOnestly, every single direction I turned was breath-taking. I felt like I was at a spa retreat!
    I plan on spending lots of summer days hanging out there on your porch watching the trout jump or whatever. Lew loved playing hide and seek on your side lawn. Finny will be running alongside him this summer. Can’t wait to meet you this summer!
    hugs from your new sistah-in-law!

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