Nessie and the girls go to Edmonton

Checking on the goats in Jasper

Checking on the goats in Jasper

So we left at 5:00 am, John and me and the 9 goats to take the goats to Spruce Grove where our goat transporter Jimmy would keep them for a couple of days before driving them out to our new farm in New Brunswick (McKees Mills, NB). I was really stressed out before the trip but it went way better than I had feared. The goats just huddled together shaking but seemed to snap out of it when we finally stopped and let them out of the trailer. The route was through Hope, Kamloops and Jasper to Spruce Grove just west of Edmonton.

The girls in the stock trailer

The girls in the stock trailer

I had bicycled from Banff up to Jasper and then down the Yellowhead highway to Kamloops and Vancouver 25 years ago and remembered the ride along the Thompson river. Surprisingly, not too much has changed since then, it still has a remote feel with only a few small settlements. Alyson and the kitties made the flight and are settling in at our new farm. More on this later. — Will


3 Responses to “Nessie and the girls go to Edmonton”

  1. fran Says:

    Very cool. Good luck Will and Alyson. I’ll be watching. FF

  2. Viv Says:

    Glad the goats made the first part of the trip and that Al is settling down with the kitties. The Fiddlechicks are watching with great anticipation!!

  3. Laurie Says:


    Good to hear your “farming” news, send pictures when you can. Sounds like you’ll settle in before Will gets there. They are blessed to have you in their community.

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