First Blog Posting

Taking the house for a spin
Taking the house for a spin

This blog will chronicle Alyson and Will’s trip from Abbotsford, British Columbia to McKees Mills, New Brunswick. Will is planning to drive this blue Dodge pickup towing this Tumbleweed Tiny house that he built. Stay tuned for the adventures along the way and to see what happens once we get there.


14 Responses to “First Blog Posting”

  1. Gary Davis Says:

    Hey, looking forward to exciting details of your ‘voyage’! Wishing you both the best and a safe journey.

  2. Eileen Says:

    What a good idea. Glad you’re doing this.
    Should revise title and contents slightly to include: “and beyond: the first 20 years week by week, ” … or something like that

  3. Mom Says:

    I can’t wait to see the wee housie in the yard at Mckees Mills. But better still, Alyson arrives in only 6 days. Yippee!!! It’s been a long wait.

    Love to you both and safe travels,Mom

  4. Deborah Hodge Says:

    Good luck! Safe travels.


  5. jo willson Says:

    I’m so excited, “I’m bustin’ my buttons” – looking forward to
    reading your blog for the next twenty years.


  6. Rowena Says:

    Hey Alyson and Will! Happy travels! We’re just north of Winnipeg at the moment and will be in Thunder Bay next week provided everything goes to plan. I wonder if our paths will cross in the Boreal Forest!

  7. Vivienne Chin Says:

    Hey Will and Al,
    This is so exciting and I am really happy for you two although we will miss you a whole lot. Who else is going to count in those fiddle tunes so well??? I shall track the website every chance I get. The Chicks will come visit for sure! Watch out Will!
    Lots of love and hugs,

  8. Edith Schwartz Says:

    Alyson and Will…it was tearfully sad to see the last White Rock market with you come and go but I’m excited for both of you on your new adventure ! Are you taking the goats with you or starting ‘fresh’ ?
    Looking forward to reading the blog ! xo edie schwartz

  9. Elaine Says:

    Thanks for setting up the blog Alyson & Will – it will not feel as if you have vanished into New Brunswick …….!
    Guess you are busy, Alyson, cannot resist adding a comment on your behalf………….Of COURSE the goats are going too…….!
    (Tho not inside the tiny house……..)

  10. Myrna Wing Says:

    Well, Alyson, you and the three little kittens are in the air now, and your mother is getting everything all ready for you on the farm. Have been thinking of you all day, and am enjoying the thought of you finally getting there and having a big welcome from family, and a “walk about” on the farm.

    Love ya

  11. Jon Chester Says:

    This is great! thanks for posting, good luck with the jopurney. Congratulations!

  12. Mom Says:

    Hello All,
    Since Alyson hasn’t had time yet to post I will just say it’s wonderful having her near after all those years away. Dave and I are learning a farmer’s life and having great fun helping her get ready to receive the goat family and later Will.

    Alyson has adjusted to the time change,the cats are doing fine and all is rosy (except the weather,rainy today) in McKees Mills.


  13. Jo Blaak Says:

    Hi Al:
    I was tickled to finally see the “wee housie” I didn’t have that pleasure when you were here in Abbotsford. I’m glad you arrived safely along with your kitties and it sounds like work was commenced immediately. You definitly have the gift of writing. I felt that I was right along side you stapling fence posts. I’m sure your mom, dad and family are enjoying you immensly just as we are missing you just as much. I’m looking forward to more adventures in the world of Alyson and Will. Next year in Cape Breton!!!!!!!!
    Love you

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